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printable feelings faces pdf

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(You have to save and reopen the file to see the effects

Drag and drop On the desktop or from a folderContext menu On the desktop or in a folder, by right-clicking

printable feelings faces pdf

Paper documents Requires a scanner and a hard copy of the documentCreate menu or Tools > Create PDF Within Acrobat, by choosing PDF from ScannerOr, for previously scanned paper documents, by choosing PDF from File

printable feelings faces pdf

Microsoft Office documents PDFMaker (Windows only) Within the authoring application, in the Acrobat PDFMaker toolbar and on the Adobe PDF menuFor Microsoft Office 2010 or later applications, in the Acrobat or Adobe PDF ribbon

printable feelings faces pdf

Save As Adobe PDF (Mac OS) Within the authoring application, choose File > Print > PDF > Save as Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF printer (Windows only) Within the authoring application, in the Print dialog boxpdf)

Name the PDF and then choose OptionsSelect the box next to Encrypt the document with a password from the bottom of the prompt

Choose OKEnter a password for the PDF twice

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